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Transportation of oversized cargo



  • Development of a cargo route taking into account parameters of weight and dimensions of the  loaded truck;
  • Preparing all necessary permissions for oversized vehicles;
  • Development and visualization of the position of the cargo on the semi-trailer, preparation load securing schemes and necessary equipment, reloading during transit if necessary;
  • Organization of the escort of oversized cargoes by pilot cars and police;
  • Development and maintenance of measures for temporary dismantling of power lines, road signs, fences and other structures
  • Photo and video support at all stages of transportation;
  • Execution of documents: CMR, EX - export declarations, Carnet TIR, support of documents FIATA – FBL, FCR, transit guarantees

Various types of industries for oversized cargo:

  • Mechanical engineering and equipment
  • Automotive industry
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Road building machinery and equipment
  • Mining and extractive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Wind and power energy

Types of goods transported:

  • Tanks, pipes, reservoirs
  • Equipment for industrial enterprises
  • Construction, agricultural and civil engineering equipment;
  • Self-propelled vehicles
  • Steel structures
  • Cargo in containers and containerized equipment
  • And other cargo exceeding the allowed sizes and weight.

Advantages and benefits of working with us:

• Qualified personnel with many years of experience;

• 24/7 control over all stages of transportation;

• Technical support of specialists in securing, placement, loading and unloading of cargo;

• Satellite tracking of road trains using GPS and daily informing of customers;

• All types of insurance, including assistance in cargo insurance “against all risks”;

• Customs carrier on the territory of the EAEU;

• Individual approach to each client;

• Delivery of oversized cargoes from China to Europe and to the CIS countries

Contact details:

Anton Kartashevich