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We recruit drivers who have CE category licences. Join our team and work in the European Union, Russia or CIS countries.


Truck Driver Jobs available 

We hire both experienced drivers and those who have just received the CE category driving licence and a professional qualification (code 95).

We provide:

  1. Competitive salary;
  2. Good working conditions;
  3. Different locations to work in; Europe, CIS and Asia;
  4. Opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills;
  5. Supportive and friendly working environment.


  1. Driving licence;
  2. Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and Code 95 training;
  3. Positive attitude and ability to work in a group;
  4. Experience in international freight transportation is considered an advantage (CE category (semi-trailer)).

We offer:

  1. Growth opportunities;
  2. Guaranteed work;
  3. Regular salary;
  4. New and reliable equipment; Volvo FH and Mercedes Benz Actross trucks.

Employment opportunities

We are looking for experienced drivers. However, we are ready to offer further training and job opportunities for those who have just received driving licence in CE category.